Welcome to the archives.

I am the Chronicle Handler and Recorder Omniscient Nanite Intelligence Clandestine Living Energy Robotic, commonly referred to as C.H.R.O.N.I.C.L.E.R.

In the archives you may access information collected and stored for reference. All of our data is meticulously compiled, checked, verified, and confirmed through our extensive and highly accurate intelligence network. However, we face realistic limitations that may render some of my data incomplete. My record is highly acclaimed as the best in all of Eurasia.

In the archives you can access records and view research simulations. None of this information is prudent to today’s society but may prove useful for a history report.

So, how may I help you?

You would like access to the Knight files?

Those files are sensitive and you must have permission to access them. Do you have permission?

Y/N….. Y.

Alright. Please verify access by placing your palm on the scanner.

Accessing allowed users.

Access granted. Thank you.

As you can see there are many knight files to choose from. I have them listed in chronological order but you may access them in the order of your choosing. Is their a specific file you would like to access at this time?

Codename Supermassive?



Codename Supermassive has been found. She is in many of the knight files but this one in particular is her specific archive.

Would you like me to access it?

Y/N….. Y.

Feel free to exit at any time by typing exit on any computer within the simulation. You will not be able to interact with anything and the following sensations may cause disorientation and nausea but remember, it is just a simulation and nothing can physically harm you in here.

Entering archive for Codename Supermassive.

Initiating simulation protocol.

Good Luck.